Mary Wagner



If you've spent any time with Mary, you'll find yourself instantly at ease due to her calming nature. This is one of the many reasons that her yoga classes leave you feeling transformed. More than just leading you from one asana to another, Mary's classes will encourage you to tap into your intentions, trust your intuition, and become more aware of your body's energy and alignment. Like the true Enneagram 9 that she is, Mary will encourage you to explore harmony and compassion in and for yourself. Whether in a Power Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow Hatha, or Restorative Yoga, she will support you in reaching your full potential. 

What Is Something Others Might Find Surprising?

"I speak Spanish and I spent a year living in Mexico!"


Do You Have Any Other Jobs? 

"Outside of yoga, I'm also a Birth Doula and I'm raising my son."


Do You Have Any Pets? 

"I have a horse, a burro, a cat, and a dog!" 


  • 200 HR Registered Yoga Instructor

  • Prenatal Yoga Certified