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Kelsey Cheyne


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Kelsey has been a firm believer in the power of Pilates for many years as a student of Karen Martin and then at Saint Joseph Pilates. But in 2022, Kelsey considered that her love of the method might become something greater. Her passion lead her to seek her Pilates certification and join SJP in a new capacity and she has quickly become a fixture at the studio. As an Aries sun, you can expect Kelsey to be your biggest cheerleader - encouraging you to try new things. But her nurturing Cancer moon also puts everyone around her at ease. It's hard not to think of Kelsey when hearing the lines of her favorite poem: "Cause I am a woman, phenomenally" Phenominal woman, that's her!

Do You Have Any Hobbies?

"Traveling! Favorite international destination has been Scotland."


Do You Have Any Other Jobs? 

"I'm the Volunteer Manager at the PGA of America and a Wine Pourer at Lazy Ballerina Winery." 


Do You Have Any Pets? 

"Not that I own, but I’m a dog sitter so some may say I have many.


  • Reformer 1 Certified

  • Reformer 2 Certified

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