"Change happens through movement, and movement heals " 
- Joseph Pilates


A consistent Pilates practice can offer benefits for every BODY. Whether you’re an experienced athlete looking to step up your training or you’re simply looking to start a new fitness routine, Pilates creates a strong foundation of balance, strength, mobility and flexibility. Unlike the mat Pilates classes offered in many gym settings, SJP offers classes using an array of specialized equipment, including the Reformer, jumpboards, Bosu Balls, weights, magic circles and more. This unmatched combination of equipment provides a wide range of motion training and maximizes the effectiveness of your exercise session.  (All Pilates Reformer Classes are noted as Levels P1-P3 on schedule)


Ideal for beginners and those who want a safe and effective class experience to build a solid Pilates Equipment foundation. Focus on form and alignment to help you master the Pilates fundamentals, so that you can get the most out of your workout as you become more advanced. This class is ideal for all fitness levels and is easily modified for those with physical limitations.


Continue to build your practice with more complex movements and use of equipment. Start exploring more precise and dynamic exercises. Class tempo is moderate and focuses on a steady class flow. Intermediate exercises and coordinated movements are introduced with modifications and progressions to give students a more challenging workout.
* Level 1 FOUNDATIONS experience required or instructor approval.

** Not recommended for those with physical limitations.


Our most advanced class and perfect for once you have mastered form and alignment. Advanced movements can only be achieved with a deep mind-body connection and the preparation that the previous levels provide.
*At least 3 months experience in Level 2 PROGRESSION, or instructor approval required.
**Not recommended for those with physical limitations.


There are many effective approaches to the Pilates method;  one way is to stay closest to the way it was taught by Joseph Pilates himself.


A vital element of more classical pilates is the sequencing of each move, or what we will call The Order.  It's the idea that every pilates workout should flow in a specific order so that each move prepares the body for the next.

  • Every class will be predictable and the same, so that we can begin to anticipate, memorize and perfect each move.

  • We will be switching positions more frequently so that each class can incorporate all the planes of motion...flexion, extension, lateral flexion (side bending) and rotation.

  • We will begin to take ownership of the pilates repertoire.

  • We will be practicing mind-body coordination.

  • We will breath!

  • We will work from our core.

  • We will move with thoughtfulness and integrity.


The Yoga-Barre Studio offers challenging yet safe total body workouts.  Yoga, Ballet and of course Pilates create our classes. 

YOGA increases overall well-being by enhancing alertness and enthusiasm, decreasing anxiety, and increasing your ability to cope.  It strengthens muscles and builds endurance, improves flexibility and balance, increases your energy, boosts your immune system, and decreases body aches.

BARRE is fun, energetic, and will help sculpt your body and tackle those hard to tone areas.

PILATES builds strength and flexibility, which will sculpt your body into a longer, leaner, stronger version of yourself. Pilates focuses a lot on strengthening your core, which helps with spinal stabilization, helping protect your body from back injuries and allowing you to stand taller and stronger. 

Each class is modifiable for all fitness levels.


When flexibility meets muscle meets power YOGA-BARRE SCULPT is born.  This class flows seamlessly with invigorating Vinyasa yoga, low impact barre and core developing Pilates.  This is a full-body workout concentrating on the hips, thighs, gluts, arms and core; this allows the body to be sculpted, lengthened, and strengthened.  Why wouldn’t you want to combine the three to create the whole package! Grab your free weights and boost your metabolism and build lean muscle mass.


A full-body flow to invigorate the body and attune the mind. Power Vinyasa connects poses to breath to create inner heat to fuel transformation. This class is accessible to all with guided opportunity to push further. With a greater focus on alignment and core strength, this class allows practitioners to safely explore more advanced poses at their own pace.


A soothing mixture of meditation, breath work and mindfulness expressed through unique sequences combining strength, balance and flexibility. This class encourages constant evolution of the body and mind by offering modifications for all levels.


A slow paced style of yoga that aims to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility by holding mainly floor postures for longer periods of time. Rather than targeting muscle, Yin yoga targets and revitalizes connective tissue and fascia. Yin allows us to connect with our vital life force energy through surrender and stillness inviting buried emotions to surface bringing us closer to our true selves. Yin is also known to restore equilibrium, eliminate toxins and help heal mind and body through stretching and deep breathing.  


Mat based Pilates class focuses on strength, stability, posture, proper breath control and flexibility. Each class will work to balance all muscle groups’ strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement.   Classes will be taught using slow, controlled movements. Modifications are suggested for beginners or for those with physical limitations and is suitable for all levels.  Mat Pilates is a challenging yet safe method to lengthen and sculpt your body and to feel increased agility in your everyday movements.


Barre Fit is a fun, empowering and energizing workout that will create long, lean, powerful muscles. Class includes hand weights, exercise balls, and resistance bands to enhance your workout. Class is comprised of 3 segments to include: Targeted Glute and Leg exercises utilizing a ballet barre to really target those areas, A high rep arm segment using hand weights and your workout finishes off with core focused work on your mat. It’s a very fun class and suitable for all levels.


Barre burn is a fun class that will allow you to live your ballerina dreams. The ballet-inspired exercises build long lean muscles and keep the body continuously moving, keeping the heart rate high for cardiovascular health and fat burning benefits. This class is taught to fun music, so you feel like you are dancing while challenging and improving your balance and flexibility, and chiseling the body. No dance experience necessary.  GET READY TO SWEAT! 


MOVE WELL...restore your body and your life with mindful, alignment-based movements and safe, easy self-care techniques.

This is the class that every "body" needs to feel and function at its unique best.

Every class, we will learn to:

Assess our alignment at that moment in time. 

Restore hydration to our soft tissue (think of this as the fabric of our body)

Bring balance to our stress reflexes.

Stimulate our core reflex.

Stimulate our reflex of grounding, balance and stability.

Enhance our breath mechanics.

We will also learn lifestyle tweaks that will help make movement fit into our everyday lives, and not just into an exercise class.

Check out this video on The MELT Method

Booking your first class is the first step on the path towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

Class space is limited, SJP recommends booking your classes ahead of time to secure your space.


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