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Class Descriptions

Beginner Reformer: This class is designed specifically for anyone brand new to Pilates. Our beginner classes are a relaxed, safe space to familiarize yourself with the Reformer, basic Pilates vocabulary and the fundamental movement philosophy of Pilates. This class will prepare you for joining Level 1 Reformer classes with confidence. 


Level 1 Reformer: Level 1 Reformer is suitable for everyone - from novice clients gaining confidence on the Reformer to experienced clients who would like a more grounded workout. Props will be used to create stability. This full body workout allows you to build strength while improving flexibility and posture. 

Level 2 Reformer: Level 2 Reformer classes will integrate more intermediate level exercises that generally require more strength and coordination as well as weight bearing and balance. Props will be used for dynamic movement. Tempo is moderate and focuses on a steady flow. Clients should be familiar with Level 1 exercises. 


Level 3 Reformer: This fast-paced class progresses through variations of advanced Reformer sequences and balance challenges. Clients should be able to maintain proper form and alignment with fewer modifications. Props will be used to challenge stability and core control. This class is not recommended for those with significant injury, unless they are capable of modifying on their own. Clients are required to take a minimum of 10 lower level classes - Level 1, Level 2, Jumpboard, or Athletic - prior to joining Level 3 Reformer.


Athletic Reformer: This high-intensity class mixes Pilates Reformer exercises with fitness moves to increase strength, improve posture, and build the strongest core yet! This format mixes in props, like resistance bands and free weights, for dynamic movement. 


Jumpboard Reformer: This is a cardio workout that’s also low-impact for your joints. The jumpboard will get your heart rate up between core-building Pilates exercises. Jumping develops and strengthens the fast twitch muscles without compression, helping to improve speed, agility and power. Clients should have no significant injuries to join this class.


TRX: This strength-based class incorporates the TRX suspension system, which can be used to address every muscle group with extra emphasis on the core. Class may move between TRX straps and the middle of the studio for bodyweight exercises. Additional equipment may be incorporated. Wear clean athletic shoes. Appropriate for all levels. 


Barre: This is a rhythmic, fun, powerful workout that intelligently exercises the entire body. Inspired by dance, classes will address all major muscle groups while incorporating props to achieve that desirable "shake.” Targeted movements create muscle fatigue, which improves blood flow, muscle tone, and bone strength. Appropriate for all levels.


Restorative Yoga: This is a slow, meditative hour giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body. In this yoga style, poses are held for longer periods of time to help you stretch and lengthen tissues while also teaching you how to breathe and sit with your thoughts. Appropriate for all levels.


Mat Pilates: This all-levels mat class focuses on the basic Pilates principles: breathing, balanced muscle development, control, and centering. With only the mat for support, clients will quickly train their abdominals and learn how to move in a way that ignites the proper muscles. 


Myofascial Release: Myofascial Release addresses tension in the fascia - the connective tissue that is woven densely throughout your muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, veins and organs. This practice releases snags in the fascial tissue that may cause pain and tightness elsewhere.


Sunday Funday: No Sunday Scaries here! This is the day we go off-book with an exciting mix of classes that you might not see on our regular line-up. Check the studio announcements for the schedule of teachers and classes featured this month!

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