Saint Joseph Pilates is here to bring the powerful practice of Pilates to the people of Saint Joseph, Michigan.  We specialize exclusively in Pilates Reformer Classes, Barre, yoga and TRX.


With eight reformers, each Pilates class provides hands-on, semi-private instruction. Focusing on core strength and flexibility, SJP is a unique fusion of traditional Pilates and dynamic strength training to achieve a whole body workout. With the state-of-the-art Balanced Body, Allegro 2 Reformer you get all the benefits of traditional Pilates packed into an intense, fun, and effective workout. 


I welcome every one of all ages and fitness levels without intimidation.  By focusing on intelligent, biomechanically efficient exercises Pilates can benefit everyone.  Whether you are working with an injury, balance issues, pain, an athlete looking for balanced muscle development, or a pre or post-natal mom; Pilates is designed for you, and SJP has the experience to work with your needs to safely transform your body. 


Inside my studio, something amazing is happening come in and discover your amazing.  I’m look forward to working with you and cannot wait to help you reach your goals!